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If the Browns game wasn’t a LV fix, then...


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It could not have been scripted any better! 

It appeared everything was shut down from the offense, to the defensive ends (no pressures, sacks, tackles, etc) to the emotionless Quinn. In-fighting between receivers, no half time adjustments, stupid play calling, no coaches challenge when having a touchdown stolen, a shotgun play to get a half yard TD, TE being the featured receiver, open receivers down field and being missed, Sanu fumble trying to get 1 more yard though still 99 yards short of the first down marker, giving up a 92 yard TD run,...on and on and on!

one falcon poster earlier said he bet a benji on the birds to cover and wanted to know if it was safe! Big lol, NO on that good buddy! 90% of those replying to his question told him, nope not safe... it was tha Falcons! Were they ever mire correct!! Lol

whike many believe there is no such thing as a LV fix, after thinking about it more, I can see the point and all... it’s the Falcons, after all! History is all you need to know, thus negating the need for a fix!

The birds are who they are...


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