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Truth hurts


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6 hours ago, schwarzenegger321 said:

Man, I'm sick of this.  I have always been 100% diehard, homer.  But this last game.  This was worse than the 28 - 3 fiasco.  At least in the Super Bowl we tried.  It looked like we woke up from an all night bender and just showed up to the game to play.  We lost to the #32 defense, with a rookie QB, who's head coach was just fired, and OC was fired, with bad WR's and no NFL caliber left tackle.

And we got trounced.

Wow, relax, seriously

Losing to the Browns is always bad, especially with the relative disarray they are having, but NOTHING is worse than 28-3

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8 hours ago, ****boxMcGee said:

I have been trying to tell this to me brother-in-law, a die hard Falcons fan... Ryan is fantastic, as is Ridley, Julio, Sanu, etc....  they are a really talented group who, even in a bad year, I don't look forward to playing. But, it is a team game. A Ferrari missing 2 pistons is still an awesome car, but it's not going to run very well, which is how I see the Falcons.

I'm a die hard Saints fan, but can respect good play from any team, even y'all. I can certainly understand the injury bug - we've had our fair share of talented teams who went through injury struggles for a while. If you don't have the depth to stay competitive if a few key players are out, then your first team is great, but the team as a whole is not as good as it could be, since the team includes your 2nd and 3rd stringers. And of course, all the talent in the world doesn't matter if you put them in bad situations which prevents proper execution, and that falls on the coaches, who are also a key component of the team. The Saints have a fantastic O-line which helps our offense shine - they allow us to make plays we couldn't otherwise make if Drew only had .3 seconds to release the ball, so the management part of our team has done their job. Sean has a talent for utilize guys cast off from other teams and calling a game in accordance with each players' strengths, so our coaches know how to put our talent to its best use.

I'd say once  your management realizes that they aren't protecting your best player (Ryan) and focus as much as possible on giving him protection, that will cause a major upturn in your game and return you back to being a truly feared team in the NFC. Until then, the formula to beat y'all isn't that complicated for any team with complementary players.

Losing to the Browns..... agreeing with Saints fans... what is happening.. what the good god**** is happening!

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