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Let Talk About Special Teams

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Keith Armstrong is literally coaching the most uninspired special teams I have seen in a long time. He had his Hard Knocks moment and has been resting on his laurels. 

Punting: We have had one punt block this year and that is pretty much the only pressure we have gotten. We never rush a kicker. Hardy can at least catch but he looks like he is running through a swamp after the catch. Each time we punt its pucker factor 10. 

Kickoffs: Fine with Marvin Hall just downing it in the endzone mostly and he does pick his spots well for when he does bring it out. Kickoff coverage honestly has been the one bright spot after the first few games. They did a good job today with Peppers.

I honestly can't remember the last time we ran a trick play be it a punt or non obvious onside kick. 


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