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Season Over - On To The Draft


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4-5 with legit shot at being 11-5, 10-6, or 9-7 and still getting into the playoffs. 


Yeah seriously guys do yourself a favor and look at the standings before the result we were in 7th place at 4-4 

Please stop drinking it's bad for you. 

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40 minutes ago, tl;dr said:

Get some new CB's please. That and LB depth.

Send Tru and Alford packing

I don't understand what defense the corners are playing where they turn and run away from the wide receiver as soon as the ball is snapped. Let him catch it and then try to make the tackle. Mayfield was just 3 step and banging the ball to the receiver all f-ing day. It just makes no sense. Get up there and get your freaking stone hands on those receivers and throw off the timing. I can't take it 

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