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You guys still All In on Quinn?


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I like Quinn as a motivator but his fast and physical motto has got to go when regarding the Dline. We get pushed around against decent running backs and decent to elite o lines. Get some big boys next to Grady. Stop being cute with FA. Protect Jones and Co. 

we saw it happen in the SB loss and rematch. We saw it against Philly and the Philly rematch this year. 

Tired of seeing us get pushed around. 92 yard touchdown to a Rookie???


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I'm having a serious problem reconciling how we can play so good last week and be a complete failure this week, to a team with a rookie QB, rookie RB, and acting Head Coach.

....so you really have to ask yourself if DQ has been a victim of incredible inconsistent bad luck or are we in denial?

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I still blame Dimi. No Oline. No Dline. Hard to win in the NFL like that. Can't run up the middle from the six inch line? Dam.

Quinn's game day execution is booty though. Why not kick an extra point to get within a FG, TD and 2PT?

Could have saved time, at least kicked a FG on the next drive and tried an onside kick. 

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1 hour ago, lostnmexico said:

No Halftime Adjustments.

Defense playing like Swiss Cheese.

No Pressure.

No Plan to stop Mayfield.

This is a team that just fired their Coach and we can't beat em!

No Preparation.

No Accountabilty.

No chance at the playoffs with this kind of effort.

I agree.


its all up to AB and honestly I don’t see DQ or Sark going anywhere.

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I'm STILL all-in on Quinn, myself.  My only qualm with him is, being faithful (to a fault), by sticking with coordinators that obviously don't have enough NFL experience --- especially, Sark!  And this is on a team who many thought was on the cusp of another SB appearance.  Both our OC & DC seem to have trouble making meaningful in-game and halftime adjustments ---- with today being a perfect example! 

2nd half, Chubb STILL gaining chunk yards, and Baker Mayfield STILL throwing touchdown passes, unmolested, and with plenty of time to do it!  

2nd half, 4th and goal at the frickin' 6 inch line and we go shotgun....SHOTGUN?....and try to throw it to a backup TE???  Unbelievable!  And check this out: Coleman was running the ball just fine, with some nice screens mixed in, and all of a sudden he just disappeared --- what the heck?!?!?!  


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5 hours ago, The Peregrine said:

Beasley and Trufant. Hands down. Duke Riley has even started progressing, just a tad.

He progressed a tad and then fell right back into his ways of over running to wrong gap or leaving the middle of the field wide open. 

We shoulda given 21 and 44 to the first team who called, any compensation woulda been enough for me including the 12 mil we'd save not having 44 next year. I watched the whole game and didn't hear his name or even a cut away. (no pressure by anyone today unfortunately) 

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