***Official Falcons @ Browns In-Game Thread***

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Just now, sdogg said:

The Browns have passed us. This franchise is a joke. 

Ha this made me laugh. How many of the browns picks they got for Julio are still in the league?.... I'll wait. Lol I'm disappointed for sure. It was a really and I mean really bad showing by the D and the offense was leaving me scratching my head too many times to say they played even good. This isn't a burn the tape type of game because this is something the whole team need to watch again and remember this is how you lose a game. From top to bottom. We aren't out for the count on the season- but we def can't go out Ike this again the season and expect to make the dance. I love you Falcons- today hurt and the cuts are deep- but tomorrow is a new day and I hope we prepare for next week with more attention. Lots of reason why we lost- I can't see an excuse though. So let's hope they sit and learn that .500 isn't sh*t. 

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