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Eric Reid ejected

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49 minutes ago, FZero said:

Arguing about the greatest nation is like arguing about the greatest oxygen. Extremists everywhere so comical

No better place on earth for any race is right here in the USA.  These extremist, though it be the KKK, neo Nazis, MS 13, antifa and Black panthers, are so few in number they are not even relevant.  The only publicity they get is by the media and that fuels them even more.  Ignore them all together.   

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13 minutes ago, Dirtybird3 said:



Please tell me how the flag and him kneeling have anything to do with eachother?? 

Every time I see an Eric Reid thread this is exactly how the people talk minus the language filter. 

Players have late hits or flags often, none of which get talked about, unless it happens to be Reid, why is that? 

Or the other way people blaming NFL, refs and others to make Eric Reid a victim. It’s too polarizing, which is why he isn’t worth. What a waste of talent.

This is what is going on Panties forums, just a small glimpse. 


There were around 10 players ejected this season including Kazee. I didn’t see a controversy there. Kazee’s  hit was dumb, so was Reid’s hit.

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2 hours ago, falcons007 said:

Did you watch the game. It was perfectly legal, lead with shoulder. Announcers said it was perfect example of how NFL wants players to hit. 

To bad Alex stepped out before the hit. And Reids hit wasnt even a hit it was a graze with the shoulder 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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