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This is Vic's Prove It Year

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Hope Bruce shows Vic that "dog" instinct.  I think Vic could easily be Bruce Irvin if he played as physical.  Vic certainly isn't terrible but he isn't producing anywhere near the 12M in cap he will hit us up for next year on his option.  We could keep Teco or sweeten Grady's deal or hold back for Debo/Dre/Keke.  

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5 hours ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

Right now my biggest concern is that every game he's getting his hands on the QB and not taking him down. He cant be expected to cash every single pressure like he seemingly did in 2016...but he's gotta start finishing these plays. They're game changers. 


I think he was going to get 3 sacks/home last week.   1 of them, Jarrett simply beat him there first..on the other 2, he got tackled by the OT.     Same with Julio...he probably had a TD earlier in the game before he got the official one, but Norman decided to take em down early and get the penalty.   Total chicken **** move.

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I think we extend vic but the number will be lower then  the 12.5 mil.


Teams trying to trade for Vic Show you 2 things....

1.Teams know his ability and getting pass rushers is a premium.

2. We will not lose him... we could have gotten something for him and pass on it ... 


I know fans are frustarted ... Vic is the most boom or bust player I've ever seen when it comes to sacks... He is either gonna get hot or not.

The last 2 games he has rushed good but he has some misses sack wise and that has fans just giving up

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