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Irvin - #85 Top 100 Player of 2018? But not a pro-bowler?

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Bruce Irvin - the Seahawks could have kept him but decided he was not worth it or that they could not afford him (like many of their other players).  He then went to the Raiders for a massive contract that has ended early.  The guy has also actually never been a pro-bowler.  However, he has until 2018 been pretty consistent around 7 sacks/year and also has a good habit of forcing fumbles.

He also was listed as #85 on the NFL.COM's list of 100 players for 2018 (released 4/30/18, voted on by the players) - the Falcons had no defensive players on the list.  This is warped somewhat because of player thinking but just shows the respect he has around the league.  But, just look at 2017-this was just one year ago and his stats are not bad-14 tackles for loss-something we need?

This year, the Raiders brought in Gruden and his "magic" to cleanse the team before it heads to Las Vegas.  And, it is quite clear after ridding the likes of Mack, Cooper and now Irvin, that they are not after current stardom.  They had also stopped playing Irvin some to try to get something of trade value for him (and not getting him hurt).  However, every team realized they were going to dump him and did not bite the bait.

Year Age Tm Pos G GS Int FF FR Yds TD Sk Comb Solo Ast TFL QBHits
2012 25 SEA   16 0   1 1 35 0 8 17 10 7 6 19
2013 26 SEA LB 12 12 1 1 0 0 0 2 45 36 9 2 4
2014 27 SEA DE/LB 15 13 2 1 0 0 0 6.5 43 28 15 9 12
2015 28 SEA LB 15 12 0 1 1 1 0 5.5 38 22 16 8 14
2016 29 OAK LB 16 16 0 6 0 0 0 7 57 47 10 9 25
2017 30 OAK LB 16 16 0 4 0 0 0 8 58 38 20 14 12
2018 31 OAK DE 8 6   1 0 0 0 3 6 6 0 3 4
  Career     98 75 3 15 2 36 0 40 264 187 77 51 90


Is He Overrated?

Is He Too Old?

Are the Falcons just feeling hometown sentiment for a hometown boy?

Is Dan Quinn just favorable to a former disciple of his?

Is He a bad investment for $1.5m for 8 games?

Does he bring anything negative to the clubhouse or team chemistry?

Will Beasley or McKinley be encouraged or offended by his presence?

Will he be out of sync with the defense if he plays this week?

Are the Falcons going to be misplaying him as a DE? as a LB?

Is He a bunch of hoopla for nothing but an occasional snap or two by week 16?

If he is so good, why did a team not just claim him off waivers? or trade for him?



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1 hour ago, octoslash said:

The guy took less money to come here (so they say).   That tells me one thing we don't have to question is going to be his effort.   I think this is a great pickup no matter what...I mean what's the worst that can come of it? 

Yea, the Pats and the Peckers (I believe) offered him more money, but he wanted to come back to family and his hometown, saying basically, money isn't everything. 

So I agree, a great pickup, and a great situation for both parties!!! 

In Quinn We Trust... 


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17 hours ago, Summerhill said:

He's overrated as a former top 15 pick (in his second season Takk McKinnley is extremely likely to finish with more sacks than Irvin ever has) and the contract Oakland gave him, but he is still an above average NFL player, and thus an upgrade over at least some portion of the Falcons DL rotation.

Totally reasonable. 

He'll be a nice valuable piece at a pretty team-friendly cost. 

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It’s possible his agent let teams know he was only interested in playing for a contender so no one claimed him off waivers. 


He was able to turn down more lucrative offers because he knew where he wanted to play...him in a rotation with Vic, Takk, & Jack is a best case scenario. 

And don’t forget he is fresh after getting limited snaps the past few games...gonna be a great second half of the season. 

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4 hours ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

Bruce Irvin is in no way one of the 85 best players in the league. 

I dont know if the Top 100 allegedly voted on by "the players" could be any worse. 

I was about to post the same thing, shows players are about as goofy as media/fans are on these these things. 

Thrilled we got Brucie, but he’s never been a Top 100 player. At all. 

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