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Did the best I could to paraphrase. I'm sure the video will be out soon enough:


On Julio getting his first TD:


It was cool to get Julio a touchdown and you could see how much it meant to everyone through the celebrations with his teammates. Julio has really opened things up for other guys all year long. It's nice to have such an unselfish leader on the team.


On winning 3 straight after starting 1-4:


Lot of moving parts early in the season, mentioned the plethora of injuries on defense and new guys having to take their lumps. Also mentioned that guys are settling in and making key plays in key situations. As time goes on guys get more comfortable, round into shape.



Dan sets tone for not making excuses and guys buy in. Veteran guys deliver the message and good leadership on both sides of the ball.


On Cleveland/ Baker Mayfield

Made tremendous plays, lots of talent, makes all the throws, competitive tough, has the traits to play a long time.


On Clemson vs. BC:

Fun night, BC is tougher than people think. Good defense. Lots of 3 TE sets that make them a tough matchup in a loud environment


On the Falcons being tougher than people think:


Falcons tougher than people may think, battle tested and faced adversity. Falcons to getting better as the season goes on.


On Playing in November vs. September:

Team is resilient, finds different ways to win games. Some weeks rely on running game, others it's passing game.


On the twins:

They are sleeping well, the twins sleep very nice and Matt and Sara are fortunate they don't have to stay up all night with them.

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