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This is the game that set off the season

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It's really all that needs to be said.

Matt playing at the top of his game

Julio with the break through

O-line gaining confidence

Defense playing faster.

If the season ends well this is the game to look back on. This is the game that the team has gained confidence and total belief in what they are doing which goes a long way. 

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A Note to Matt Ryan: This game will be remembered as the game that turned your season around. Precisely, because it showed how we should have won Super Bowl LI. When the Atlanta Falcons morph into the Peregrine Falcons, the fastest bird in the world, no one can stop their incredible vision from way up high, their ridiculous flying dive to catch its prey and their amazing grip on their prey. When our running game has the vision, no one can stop our incredible running TDs. When our passing game has the flying dive and catch, no one can stop our ridiculous passing TDs, and when our defense has the grip on the other team offense, no one can stop our amazing DEFENSE. Like they say in Tennis "'POINT, GAME, and MATCH!!!"" Yours truly, BLACK WATCH. 

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