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Considering how hard the team has been hit by injuries, I'm impressed how well guys no one expected to have to contribute have played. Have to shout out the coaching staff for the progression we've seen from a lot of players. 

Especially, coming off a bye week, they look well prepared. I hope they can keep it up going forward. 

Foye and Kazee were everywhere as usual. The OL looked great for most of the game. And I saw a lot of good plays from wreh-wilson, Neasman, Oliver and Carter - who I had to look up. Even when they didn't make the play they were right there with a hand in forcing the offensive player to make a difficult catch.

Losing as many starters as they loss early on would have put any team on their heels. I'm glad they haven't hung their heads and put players in the right position to make positive plays.

I don't think Washington was a particularly tough matchup but I like that the boys got to build a little confidence. I think it'll come in handy down the road when they have a tougher matchup.

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24 minutes ago, Statick said:

Also props to the Falcons fans who represented at the game today.

It almost sounded like a home game. 

I was there. We all went crazy when he finally scored! Everybody started chanting his name. Lots of Julio Jerseys (including myself).

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