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Rams at Saints


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4 minutes ago, Iron Saint said:

You mean like Brian Poole leveled him?


I agree, the Rams’ OL does hold every play.

Well, Hill returns kicks, covers kicks, covers punts, blocks punts, receives the snap on fake punts, and runs and throws the ball on offense. Tebow only played QB.

Pathetic :rolleyes:

I agree, we found that out last year in Week 14.

Because it’s not a delay of game due to there being a change of possession, nor  is it directed at the opposing teams’ players so it isn’t taunting. Don’t like it? Stop turning the ball over maybe?

Green Bay’s practice squad. :lol:

I love that this was posted by a guy with the username of “Jesus”. If anyone knew the benefits of hanging out with prostitutes, it was Jesus. Good on you, sir. :tiphat:

I’d say it’s debatable. In college he apparently wasn’t allowed to squat more than 700 pounds and Morstead compared him squatting 500 pounds akin to him “casually standing up out of a chair”. So if coaches didn’t want him trying 700, that means he can likely squat 650 or even 675+.

Not sure how many QB’s you going to find that can hit that or higher.

You should’ve probably deleted this post after that 72 yard TD. 

He was playing trail technique because he got beat so bad off the line that it’d make Ike Turner blush and proceeded to remain getting dusted the rest of the route.

Wholeheartedly agree. And if anyone knows that, it’s Payton. And the Rams just committed a lot of money to a one-trick pony without a clutch bone in his body in addition to wasting a 1st rounder to trade for him.

Despite the injury evidence between 2009-2011 completely disproving that tripe?

They had to make it up to him after robbing him of a pick-six against y’all two weeks earlier in Atlanta.

You mean like last year in Atlanta when they made up a rule that took a Lutz FG off the board right before half and not allowing us to use our remaining timeout to offset the required :10 second runoff like they were supposed to? They call that like the rulebook states and we’re kicking a FG to win it in the 4th and Deion Jones’ impressive interception never happens.

You want to know how I know you’ve never been to a game at the Superdome? No one is going to be involved in any altercation at the Superdome for simply cheering their team. This isn’t Philadelphia, Oakland, San Francisco, or Chicago.

Now if you’re completely ****-faced, actively jeering those around you, and/or belligerently hostile then yeah, you’re seeking out trouble yourself and will likely find it just like you would at ANY stadium in the world.

They didn't make that rule up...that is the actual rule dumb ***


Illegal formation is the same as a false start


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