Anyone else almost shed a tear at Julio’s TD?

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Just now, caponine said:

No lol he said last week TD’s didn't matter as long as teams are winning 

That’s all bullsh*t every player likes to win, but every player loves to score TDs :lol:

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Just now, JD dirtybird21 said:

That touchdown showed that it is still very real and these guys aren’t done

Yea what they said about Dan Quinn at halftime is awesome! Changing the schedule, getting to DC early so they can have some camaraderie built. That’s an important observation to make when you have so many new players trying to make an impact. 

Thats the type of stuff I like to hear. Eagles did it last year when they all went to a player’s baptism. Stuff like that matters. #Brotherhood

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Julio may say he doesn't care about TDs in interviews as long as the team wins, and he may think that way to an extent, but that sounds more like generic answers to the media to me.


You can't tell me it didn't mean **** to him after he scored and how pumped he was for a garbage TD, and the reaction of his teammates. It really shows you how tight knit this team is regardless of what happens. 

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