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45 minutes ago, FalconKick said:

Looking for some tickets for the cowboys or the cardinals to take my little brother to his first game for his birthday! If anyone is trying to sell any please let me know :D

Just sold the Cowboys game tickets - but I have Arizona - both lower level and upper level left.


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10 hours ago, I Even Bleed Red said:

Hahaha sorry bud. It's silly to start my own but didn't mean to take over your thread. Lol my bad. 


(But seriously, if anyone wanna sell 2-4 tix to the Thurs night Saints game, hit me up :ninja:)

You know that’s an away game, right?  Might have more luck on the Taints board. Just make a fake handle like BreezGod with a picture of a stolen Lombardi. 

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