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D. Jones tests broken foot

Atl Falcon

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2 hours ago, E. T. said:

There's no need to look up anything. I'm well educated enough to know what that word means and to know you're being a thread killer for the OP. You're agenda here is way off topic and there's no need entertaining it. For the record, "kid" is a term also used for "young man". 

I just KNEW you were going to go with 'baby goat'....man, what a let down



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4 hours ago, TheUsualStuff said:


Even if plays in the Dallas game, his play  count will probably be very limited. He's not even ready to begin practicing.

Doing full speed ladder drills is significant. My guess is he could be ready for Dallas, but he won't play till we see Drew Brees.

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On ‎11‎/‎1‎/‎2018 at 5:46 PM, E. T. said:

I mean, mostly everyone is so sensitive these days. I bet Kleenex is making a killing.

Interesting you mention Kleenex.  Apparently they're pretty sensitive themselves.  lol

A line of Kleenex tissues in the United Kingdom will soon have a new name.

The company recently announced that it was changing its “Mansize” tissues to “Extra Large”

after many consumers complained the moniker was sexist.


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9 hours ago, Falcanuck said:

With the remaining schedule, the Falcons have no business in the playoffs and wont get there without beating lowly Washington and Cleveland.

‘Lowly’ redskins are in 1st place and beat GB and Carolina. ‘Lowly’ Cleveland beat Baltimore and tied Pittsburgh.

I agree We need to win both games, but we’re not out until we’re out. 


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