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Any Real Trade Rumors?

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If the Falcons had shown up Sunday and Blanks new palace was a ghost town, there would have been pressure to bring in a spark. 

If they are just washing this season away, I be **** if I would waste my money on them. But our home games are pretty much over, so I guess they don't care. There are people out there to make us a better team, but we'll probably get Zero effort from out FO as always. Atlanta sports in general = a mediocre joke.

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11 hours ago, The Falcon Jedi Knight said:

This is the Falcons. We dont make trades. We just let other teams get all the best players. Thats why we are 3-4


And also earlier today DQ was saying:

"but we really feel that this team that we have and where we are at and how we can go and attack from here, we’ve got the right men in the building to do that"

I wonder how much of this is a rallying call to fire up his team even knowing that there players available out there that can help this team...or have we given up on this season already?

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8 hours ago, The Falcon Jedi Knight said:

If any of you people believe that this team is going anywhere this season then you are delusional.

The SB is gonna be on our back lawn and we will get to watch the Saints play on it. And THAT IS GOING TO SUCK

Just saying


I agree but I do think we just may... by the slimmest margin make the play off then get sent home.

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18 hours ago, Knight of God said:

I’d get both

Yeah bro. We all know we need pass rushers. A boat load. Takk, Vic, Fowler, Irvin and maybe more. Passing league. Need pressures. Hits, hurries and sacks. Gotta either move em off the spot or get em on the ground. We will have to face plenty good QBs, Olines and passing offenses to get what we want . Trust me.

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