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Saints @ Vikings.

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4 minutes ago, Doctor Kildare said:

Lattimore gets away with what Trufant and Alford would get flagged 100% of the time.

Alford gets flagged every single game.  He's got that reputation and they don't cut him any slack at all.  Officials aren't consistent at all though.  Jimmy Graham got absolutely tackled in the end zone today and nothing was called.  Those are game changing plays, because it's automatic 1st down.  

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1 minute ago, Drew4719 said:

Just unbelievable, what kind of deal with the devil do the saints have. The Vikings were supposed to be up 10 at half and get the ball in the 3rd, I guess I was foolish to think a team could actually help us out.

Meh, at this rate let Saints get theirs outside of our rematch. Rams go undefeated(do I care? lol). Earn #5 WC seed. Go to NOs in round 2; after beating #4 seed round 1, beat Rams in NFCCG round 3, win SB in our stadium in rematch vs NE (who hopefully save our still partially depleted D from playing Mahomes or Watson lol)


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