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Saints @ Vikings.


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1 minute ago, fuego said:

Nice read on the screen.

Big man gotta eat, too! Ya, that was impressive.

I just want Senat to develop and we get a player to team with Jarrett.

Remember those mid-2000s Vikings D with the Williams DTs?



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7 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Leave it to a K to give NO hope.

Ugh, it's our curse of having $Bryant$ ...Saints or random division opponent gifted +1 or +3 vice versa margins out of opposing teams just to make the division hard b/c #JustNFCSouthThings

I hate a missed xtra point. It's like getting 2 FGs and you're always that 1 pt. behind. 

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Remember that thing about communication problems on defense and how Kamara was one of several RBs to terrorize us as pass catchers b/c we kept scrambling for several weeks trying to figure out the back end responsibilities?

Welp, Kamara drops a huge play there vs Vikings bunched up talking lol. Could've gone for a long run after, too!

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