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Jersey swapping and how someone lied to her about Julio

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What I noticed is that even after she was shown that it was not true - she never corrected it.  Bias much?

Also - all those comments from people about no touchdowns - obviously - it doesn't matter if it's true or not - people believe any BS these so called 'reporters' report.    Obviously - no fact checking is needed any longer.

Julio - we got your back - even if the BS crap reporters want to twist everything to make you look bad.  Rise Up!

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2 minutes ago, TRUju2111 said:

Well.someone needs to post those pics on her account


Well someone did - and even commented on the post with the pictures - which she ignored.  She not only didn't retract her statement - she ignored the proof when given.

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5 minutes ago, The Falcon Jedi Knight said:

Ive heard it happen maybe once or twice, but only special occassions. I didnt know this was an actual Tradition

That's crazy man. You mostly see it on social media so if you aren't on there that's probably why you never noticed it but once or twice. I've never seen a game broadcast show it.

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