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Why are so many players decommitting to georgia


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If only recruiting was as simple as winning or losing a game. 

It’s October. Recruits can’t sign anything binding until December 19th. The only recruiting class Kirby has been a part of in the last 10 years that wasn’t top 5 composite nationally was 2016 UGA, when he was hired 2 months before signing day. And that class was 6th.


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2 hours ago, Carter said:

You said the same about the LSU game. I think you should predict us to get smoked. ;):lol: 

Ha! Maybe you’re right. I still believe they’re better than LSU but they sure as heck didn’t prove it. I am bullish on UGA this week though. Some lessons were learned two weeks ago. I believe that. 

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14 minutes ago, slickgadawg said:

I know. Some just happened to decommit around the time of the LSU lost. You stop.

Uh we had one decommit from Emery after the LSU game. For reasons that have been covered and absolutely no one credible attributes to the loss. Haselwood happened 11 days before LSU and those reasons have been exhaustively covered on here. Bertrand and Perry decommitted around when Haselwood did.

You really think these guys commit or decommit based on one game? It’s a lot deeper than that. Recruits aren’t fans, they’re deciding where to go to college for the next 4 years and it’s based on many factors that will impact their life.

Just trying to help you out homie.

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I think the stuff on Emery has been covered enough, but since it apparently hasn't been.

Emery wants to get a lion's share of carries instead of being in a RBBC.
A lot of his family now strongly wants him to stay in state and go to LSU and based on what I saw elsewhere, this was swirling before that game. The only person that doesn't is momma.
I'm not sure if this is for sure but he also apparently has a kid on the way now to top it off?

Apparently Haselwood wants to get targeted 8-10 times a game, I think he likely ends up at Oklahoma as he's not getting that here even if the offense was more pass happy.

At least one of the decommits was pushed out because of a commit that Georgia did get.

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