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This may hurt some feelings around

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1 hour ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Miss FREEMAN in open space.

I miss any of our backs in open space.  We saw what happens when Teco has space to work.  Free and Ito require less space but with our OL blocking, there's just not a lot of space to get out of the backfield.  Look at what THIS defense did to Saquon.  We never gave him space and gang tackled and he had one good run all night.

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7 hours ago, falcons007 said:

I personally would take the 5-1 win record over Ryan leading the NFL in yards.

Same here. I believe Drew Brees had more passing yards than Matt Ryan in 2016 (regular season) but the Saints still went 7-9 because of their poor defense. That's gonna how we are this year so far. It's a team sport at the end of the day which matters most when it comes to being a contender. 

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He ended the game with what 17 or 18 completions in a row.

That darn bumbling, stumbling, noodle armed Matt.

I want a better record too but the problem isn't Matt.

What happened on that last Giants drive when we really needed a stop????????????????????????

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Falcons cannot run the ball consistently - we had the big Teco run last night and that was about it.   Defense gave up 399yds passing even though much came late.

Matt Ryan has no choice but to play well for this team to be competitive.   Matt can throw for 6,000yds and 40TDs and it won't matter if we cannot get better in other areas.

But yeah - he's playing very well.

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In a year when many QBs in the league are putting up absolutely absurd numbers (Brees 77.3% completion percentage), Ryan is:

1st in passing yards

3rd in pass completions

5th in TDs

3rd in yards per game

4th in ypa

7th in yards per completion

3rd in completion pct

4th in INT rate

Yeah he is having an incredible year. 

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