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Realistically, Do you see a Falcons Team that WILL rebound this year to compete for a playoff spot?!


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Sucs won, Panties won, Taints in first, even with a win tomorrow, birds will remain in...last place, NFC South! 

Big a hole to climb out of and if they let Eli open the book on them tomorrow, you gotta believe the fat lady is singing in the bowels of MB Stadium...last rights have been given,.

Life support is plugged in and working overtime to keep the blood pumping! Either they wear the black well tomorrow night, or hospice starts and the death knelt has begun for our beloved, once proud and gloriously, proud beautiful birds! Which one presents at games end, we shall see in the sea of black tomorrow night!


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Just now, roguebeaver said:

Come back in December and post then! Look forward to your  Nostradamus post (sarcasm for sure) at that point, instead of a discussion reply. You clearly live in the moment, which is really, okay! 

Just not getting the cart before the horse. This team will break your heart of you let it. Pure defensive mechanism and survival skill :)

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I would say one game at a time. Because of how our defends has been struggling, I would still see some improvement before I'm thinking about a possible play off spot. I'm not optimistic, but I believe that adjustments can be made. The big question is: is there a solution? 

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59 minutes ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:


The offense has been feasting off bad defenses and that’s going to change shortly.

The Falcons defense however will be just as bad.

With Dimitroff's 10 year plan of putting the offensive line on the back burner, the Falcons' offense has traditionally been one that does well against poor and average defenses but grinds to a halt against playoff caliber opponents.

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