Mods part 3: The Empire Strikes Back

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4 hours ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

In preparation for looming bans

Taking all bets and rumors/speculation currently 

 couldn’t help myself 


Im betting i will be taking another 2 week vacation, after an old enemy showed back up here ... someone who is really Shiny and made it his Mod Life here to make my Posting Life more miserable. I have forgiven, but not forgotten.

Like any company who hires employees, they should all review candidates for the job very thoroughly. And i think this board has made a few mistakes in the past, that were not as shiny as they should have been.

And thats what i will say about that.


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I mean I dont disagree with any of them and I aint no snitch but there is no hiding in this situation sooo

Jedi, Mash, ya boi J, and Cap are def on the hot seat lol

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