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Falcons--Bucs gif review

Goober Pyle

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I actually see from these gifs there are things this defense is doing better and players like the much maligned Jack Crawford can actually make plays out there.

The ugly is unfamiliarity and communication break downs this causes players to be out of position and just using poor techniques.To me this is going to be ongoing.Just hopeful this defense with bodies coming back can hold it together.

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Thanks for compiling these. :)

Twitter can get annoying trying to keep place.

Lot of good info from the vids. Crawford impressed me.  What was that 5 impact plays?

Logan is a beast blocker for us already. If our OL comes along more we won't be stopped.

D showed some flashes in the vids. LB work and pass rush are our keys moving forward. The Bennett signing made a play.

Want to see more from Takk and Beasley; when to play contain vs a mobile QB and when to attack and have another guy waiting for the wrap up. Vic should've had the one sack.

Poole with a bad angle on the big play.

Riley at least in position for the INT after Kazee had saved the play on Poole from being a TD. Need  more from the front 7 but this game was at least better than the previous 3.

Communication/alignments/assignments and fundamentals on angles/tackling form. All our guys gotta do their job. And when the play is there? Hit it like Ish or play the ball like Kazee!

Dudes made a play. Saw a mini-Jarrett like performance from Crawford on those run stops.

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Watching these videos gives you an idea of how difficult it is to consistently get stops no matter what you call. So many weaknesses to attack. You play man and you risk having Poole or one our Lb’s isolated. You play zone and our inexperience is exposed.

The biggest thing we need is for Grady to come back healthy and our defensive line needs to dominate. That will help cover up a lot of deficiencies. Even then, we need to cover for a few seconds to let our pass rush get home. Crawford had a couple great rushes negated by quick throws.

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Thanks for posting these Goob. Really enjoy the insights they provide. Very happy to see Crawford step up. My expectations for him had started to dim. We have to get more from Vic and Grady has to step up to his previous high level to get this D on the way back to respectability.

Kazee is continuing to impress and Logan Paulsen is turning out to be a super blocker for us. On the down side, Poole is looking like roadkill this year. Hope he can get his act together because he's such a big hitter.

This game was exciting to watch from an offensive standpoint, but a grim reminder of how shaky this defense still is. But, happily it seems to be improving. Looking forward to see how we do against the Giants. Going to be another close game, but I think we do enough on both sides of the ball to win.

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