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Do you guys think Ridley, Sanu or Grady will play vs Giants.

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1 minute ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Over Hardy you bet its happening....

Both Hall and Gage are ready..and have better route running and onfield situational instincts. 

It'd be interesting to see our stubborn coaches give Gage more snaps than Hardy who they're trying to get the most out of in his contract year. Hall? I'm surprised we haven't seen more from him but the passing game has been so fire lately I can sort of understand.

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3 minutes ago, Atlantafan21 said:

I really hope they can play. With our season basically on the line, we could use all we can get. But if they really can’t go, let them rest and have a bye week after. Hopefully we can win the game even without them, but it’d be much more difficult. 

Calvin is who we need to be the most careful with. Sanu is a warrior and should be out there. 

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6 hours ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

Hardy adds absolutely NOTHING to this offense nor special teams. Gage better get more snaps than him.

I think people miss what he does when he is on the field and only see the abysmal punt returns and rare drops. Hardy really does have good hands and in fact Sanu and Julio have mentioned how aggressive he is when catching the ball.  Man has huge hands especially for his size and usually reliable to catch if open.  He is an absolute beast as a blocker (he and Sanu are both boss level downfield blockers).  Hardy is also very good on special teams as a gunner but he is not fast or shifty enough for the returner duties.   He is limited due to his lack of pure athleticism and route crisp running but a very nice WR4/WR5 imo.

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a few things. What even happened to Sanu in the first place??

It's good that things came back negative on Ridley but there is no need to force him onto the field if it risks further injury. Would be completely stupid and I don't care how important the game is.

Gage and Hall can definitely use more in game experience. Should not be afraid to put them out there. That should not be an issue at all. I don't care if fans trust them or not, this is the time for them to step up and show why they are in the pros along with Hardy

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8 hours ago, mattyicefalcon said:

Rodgers and Brady can throw to bums off street and win games so why not Matt Ryan...the way I see it.

We have a MVP Q.B who leads from front ....doesnt matter who lines up...hes gonnna light it up!

Rodgers has always had good talent to throw to so that is an inaccurate statement regarding him.

Brady on the other hand, I used to think the same thing then I realized they run an offense that actually uses players to their strengths. They may seem like bums to us because they played with QB's who were bums but the talent is on full display with a consistent super bowl winning qb. And spare me that dumb *** cheating crap, the dude is an excellent qb and knows how to use his wr's

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