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That last play…


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I don't like trick plays down inside the redzone.  If I was the GM Koetter and Smith would both be left at the downtown Marriott.  Its a badly coached team... 

 I wouldve ran Evans into the back of the endzone because he is gonna draw bracket coverage back there and slid either a back, tight end or slot receiver UNDERNEATH his route to the front of the endzone on the same side.

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1 hour ago, dmo_dlo said:

I have new-found respect for Koetter. That play design was genius, and despite poor execution it almost worked. 


1 hour ago, BlazerSlayer said:

Was that a planned play call though? Huge risk running up the middle like that- hard to imagine a coach drawing it up like that.

I suspect it was ad-libbing by Winston - I'm pretty sure Monken isn't that crazy and I know Koetter isn't.  I'll get back to you guys after I have a chance to talk it over with Andrew.

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