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Duke Riley: I'll Tackle Both of Them, Doesn't Matter Who's Coming Through the Hole

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Just want to point out that this interview was probably before last year or way early in this season.( I think last year) 

id still give him the benefit of the doubt and say these days he will be keeping his head down and focus on getting better instead of doing interviews. 

Lets put some positive energy and thoughts out there and say he working hard and makes ... a tackle Sunday. Go Duke go. 

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3 hours ago, Peyton said:

At least this was before preseason started.  I am doubting anybody is interested in interviewing him just about now.

I was going to ask if this was done right after he got drafted. Lol

And I don't get it. He wasn't a bad tackler at all at LSU. Is he just thinking too much and has no instincts (or isn't using them). It's year 2, he should be shedding sone of that dilemma by now. Maybe he'll be a late bloomer.

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9 hours ago, #1ATLFALCONSFAN said:

I laughed out loud lol


More like, "It Doesn't Matter Who's Coming Through the Hole, I Won't Tackle Either of Them"

  I'm very confused are the coaches just not showing Duke his game film?  Not sure which he should be more ashamed of this interview or that he accepts his game check each week. 

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10 hours ago, blkbigdog35 said:



9 hours ago, Vandy said:

Someone who cares for this kid needs to sit him down and tell him to lay low. The dots aren't connecting for him, on the field and off. He's our worst defensive player and clueless in every aspect. 


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11 hours ago, jgsbirds1 said:

duke riley is the worst middle linebacker i've ever seen!

i guess the offenses are "running away" from him!  haha!

why not move beasley to the middle?

he aint doing anything from his natural position.  put riley in at fullback--he sure is leading the oppositions running back into some huge holes.


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