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MLB Offseason

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Kyler Murray to Oakland may not be so certain. Some NFL GMs believe Murray is still open to it and might be a first round pick. After doing some digging some MLB analysts found a clause in his Oakland contract that allows him to opt out to pursue an NFL career. In return he would pay almost all of his signing bonus back.

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4 minutes ago, ATLBrave said:

The Rays are involved as well, with Jake Bauers going to CLE and Yandy Diaz headed to Tampa. There are discrepancies as to where EE is actually headed. 

And it could be a simple money move. Santana was owed $35 million for two years. Encarcion is $20 million for this year, so it's possibly akin to the Braves' deal involving Chris Johnson.

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1 hour ago, Unkn0wn said:

The Dodgers are pitching Harper on the idea of coming to LA for 2 or 3 years on a big salary and then going somewhere long term. They want to avoid a long, record breaking contract but hope to convince him to help them win a Championship. 

Why cant we do that?

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8 minutes ago, Unkn0wn said:

Because we can't afford to sink $30M a year into one player. His salary is going to be $30-40M per.

I think we definitely could if he’d come here on a shorter deal. Everyone from McGuirk on down have said that money can be thrown in as needed. I’d be intrigued at the idea of Harper on a 3-year deal for around $35m.

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Just now, Unkn0wn said:

Anthopolous decided Donaldson was the best fit. Plus that's just a 1 year commitment. There's no word Harper is even interested in a short term deal. That's just what LA us pitching. 

1 yr is a good deal, but the deal was 23 million too.. Braves wanted too, they can get Harper... they just don't want too and try to get a ace in a trade (which won't happen) and end up resigning Markakis.

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