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Takk McKinley on Big Ben

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5 minutes ago, DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins said:

I hope they meet up close an personal 5 or 6 times this Sunday.

Probably man ben holds the ball at least he use to. Draft day caught me off guard with his emotion.  It was something the team needed though. 

Go eat tak.

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The next time the Falcons get to the Super Bowl, whether Matt Ryan is still on our roster or not, Takk McKinley could be the veteran on our roster who is the leader of our defense who adds extra fire to our defense, or he could be our Ray Lewis. Keep in mind, Takk McKinley is only 22! He went to the NFL early at age 21 last season and we're so blessed that we stole this guy! 

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49 minutes ago, 4dabirds said:

I don't think there is anyone else on the team that has more "Dog" in him than Takk.

I think neal and jones are close defensively.  Offensively its probably free and Julio.  Those guys will fight claw and scratch to the end. I think tak will keep coming even after being knocked down the. Its that wwe he watched as a kid lol.

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