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Foyesade Oluokun

I Even Bleed Red

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I was a big, big fan of Campbell coming out of college, mocked him to us, and was ecstatic when he got selected. Foye wasn't on my radar in this class, but I do see a lot of the same characteristics in him that made me think Campbell was gonna be a good player for us:

- Super smart in the classroom, so he should hopefully learn fast & show rapid development
- Excellent athleticism for a LB
- Not cocky or flashy, but confident & capable
- A hard worker who does whatever he needs for his team & is able to be a leader when needed
- Seems to have his head screwed on, so no real worries about any off-the-field stuff

Like Campbell, he's really only lacking experience against top competition... and like Campbell did, he's going to get a lot of it as a rookie. I think he can handle it, and I think he's going to be a good to great player before too long because of it.

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1 hour ago, I Even Bleed Red said:

I like this kid. He stood out to me last week. He's the only LB we have that's north of 230lbs. 

Anyone football-heads available to enlighten us on him? 

Not so sure about that, man.

Foye was at 215lbs at the combine & is listed at that weight on the Falcons site. NFL.com has him at 229lbs. However, neither of those listings is "North of 230lbs."

Meanwhile, Campbell is about 235lbs, and the recently acquired Bruce Carter is listed at 240lbs. Duke is right at 230lbs.

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