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Has our window slammed shut?


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2020 Falcons will be the final chance for Matt Ryan to make a Super Bowl run. Every time we've played the AFC West since 2004 we've always been contenders, otherwise assuming the 16 game schedule still exists we'll have to wait until 2028 when we have a completely different team to make a Super Bowl run which is more likely, because in NFL history you hardly make it back to the Super Bowl with the same exact group you had. ****, even when you compare the 2012 Falcons to the 2016 Falcons which were Matt Ryan's 2 best teams, outside of our special teams the only guys from our 2012 roster who made it to the 2016 team were Matt Ryan (himself), Julio Jones, and Johnathan Babineaux. It's that 4 year cycle. NOT the AFC North years (like 2018 right now) which have been randomly good or bad for the Falcons. We've always played horrible playing the AFC East or AFC South for some reason, so history tells us 2019 is going to be even worse than this year. 

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Not at all. We aren't going anywhere this year and are likely looking at a top 5 pick. It's all about drafting. 

I don't expect us to continuously score like we have the past 2 weeks, and our D is going to give up 24 a game probably for the rest of the year. But we know modern medicine has come a long way and most of our decimated defense will be back going strong in 2 years. Sure, one of our safeties may not be back to form, but hopefully Kazee can fill that role for the future. Let Beasley walk and don't renew his contract, but grab his 5th year option. Continue to use free agency for OL since we seem to be great at doing that, and draft the best D players available especially at DE and DT. Even if you draft more talent than you can put on the field together at once (strong rotations along the DL).

Our core offense (skill players) is still going to be strong for 3-5 years if we continue to replace aging OLinemen. 

It's all about the draft. We seem to be landing a gem or two there and as long as we keep that up, we'll be fine. Give us another draft or two where 2 or more can start from day 1, and we'll continue to be at least relevant for the playoff push. We need to find another McCoy type and healthy Takk clone for Beasley's position and we are still a solid team.

Draft draft draft.

And certainly take another monster LBer to play alongside Debo.

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On 9/23/2018 at 5:15 PM, socalriseup said:

I believe it has. This year was the last chance due to players leaving next year. 

We don't know who will and won't be here. The cap goes up every year, and players get cut to make room for others. A smart front office prepares for this sort of thing, and the Falcons are one of those teams with a good F.O. I don't know what the Falcons will do, but they're probably already working on a plan. We have a franchise QB, and already some very good peices locked down. Every team will be transitioning/transforming to some degree. 

Also, if a team is going ot suffer injuries like the Falcons have, then it is best that it happens early on for a few reasons. One being that the injured will likely be ready to go by the start of the following season. Two, you get a window to get the back-ups coached up and ready to compete before the season gets out of hand. The Falcons are 1-2, so there is a lot of football to still play. The Falcons may not win the division, but they could be a Wildcard team, and also be healthy by the time the playoffs start. Anything can happen, so it is pointless to speculate on the current or future situations to come.

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