Phillies @ Braves

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1 hour ago, putnam6 said:

Didnt the Rockies come in here and sweep a four game series? Dodgers will be tough too, but I kind of prefer playing them in the playoffs

Braves should have won 3 of 4 against them. Hard to believe that given those same situations again that we'd get the same results.

59 minutes ago, ATLBrave said:

Yes, but we lead late in at least 2 of those games, if not 3. Would feel much better playing them than having to go up against Kershaw and Buehler. 

Yep. Braves recent history against the Rockies is much better than it is against the Dodgers, especially when it comes to playing in Denver vs. playing in LA. None of the Rockies pitchers scare me. The Dodgers pitchers do, especially Kershaw and Hill.

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I think the Rockies are going to put the heat on. My money is on them going 6-1 against Philly and the Nats. Dodgers will have to keep pace.

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