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Oliver practicing in full this week....

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On 9/19/2018 at 5:19 PM, shock said:

Will we finally get to see our steal of a 2nd round pick active on game day this week? How epic would it be if he plays and manages a game sealing interception on Brees? Just like he said he wanted to months ago. 

I hope not, he is still Raw and we are deep at db. We should bring him along slowly.

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2 hours ago, MD-FalconFan13 said:

How exactly is he a steal of a pick? What has he done to warrant that respect?

Just asking.

He was considered a steal at our pick late in the 2nd round. The only reason he fell was because his skill set somewhat limits him to playing on the outside. He fits our scheme and style on D so for us, he was a steal. 

A player can be considered a steal on draft day without playing a game. Obviously we don’t really know what we have with him yet. But his skill set is exciting to add to our team on game days. 

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4 hours ago, thesouphead said:

imagine that...a guy who is unblocked has an easier time getting to the QB than a guy usually taking on two blockers. 

LIghten up, Francis. Anyone with some sense should obviously recognize that the circumstances between the two are not the same.

I was just saying that (somewhat sarcastically) since there’s been so much piling on with Beasley lately that it seemed only a matter of time before a resident Vic hater was gonna make a statement like that.

Guess I should’ve written it in purple. My bad.

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3 minutes ago, hjerry said:

Odd... McClure reported that they listed Oliver as out.

Looks like Oliver continued to have full participation all week though, so maybe Vaughn's got bad info.

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