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Oliver practicing in full this week....

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30 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

I doubt we will see much of him with how well poole has played


21 minutes ago, Atl Falcon said:

Poole will continue to be on the field....he’s an underrated player IMO. A great tackler and knows how to rush the passer. I hope we resign him for the future 

Poole has nothing to worry about until Oliver proves he's ready to play opposite Tru.

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5 minutes ago, mattyicefalcon said:

They drafted him to EVENTUALLY cover WR like Evans and Thomas.

You can bet this game was marked on his calendar day after he signed with Falcons. 

I added a key part to that you left out.

He's promising for sure, but in preseason he looked like he's still got a long way to go. If he's been too hurt to practice the past two weeks, that doesn't help his cause any either.

Hopefully he becomes that dude, but I wouldn't get my hopes too high right away.

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1 hour ago, k-train said:

Poole has been a more effective pass rusher than Beasley so far this year.

Poole may have more attempts at rushing  the passer than Beasley this year. Sarcasm/

Beasley has been dropping back in coverage, spent much of Panthers game spying on Newton.

Maybe if we allow Beasley to just tee off on the passer on passing downs he would start racking up sacks like other players who are allowed to tee off on passers on passing downs. 



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