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By Falconsfan567 in Talk About the Falcons,
Alright guys!! Finally back home now and ready to share some experiences from the game!! First off, the stadium is absolutely amazing!! I now fully understand why it looks like there's nobody at the games on TV, it's because there's so many places around the stadium to stand and watch the game. That game yesterday, it was packed, totally packed despite the appearance of all the empty seats. I took advantage of folks not using their seats and ended up moving down to the lower level for the 2nd half and had quite a blast. I loved getting to see Roddy on the big screen. That screen blew my mind. It was so clear and big. I had my picture taken outside with the statue during halftime!! Huge!! I loved how loud it gets in there on 3rd down. Too bad most of the time the Panthers converted. My only negative experience about the game was afterwards. I remember all the talk last year about feeling like you were trapped in the stadium and that's exactly the way it felt. It took me nearly 30 minutes to make it out of the stadium. It made me so anxious too being so crowded together in a massive pile of people trying to get out. The Falcons really need to fix that. I think the biggest fix would be making sure all the people are walking the same direction. It's impossible to move when half the people are walking one way and the other are walking the other direction and you collide. I want to give a special thanks to @Tandy for giving me the ticket!! Thank you so much Tandy!! It was an absolute blast!! Here's a couple videos I took.  
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