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Week 2 : Stock Up, Stock Down

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5 hours ago, mqg96 said:

Despite the win, there's still a lot of flaws with this Falcons team, whether we make the playoffs or not, I don't see us going to the Super Bowl on our home turf this year. Health and inconsistency has been an issue. The Panthers were missing half of their O-line starters and we still couldn't get a good pass rush and we let the Panthers back in the game easily after we led 31-17 and we still had to hold the Panthers to the bitter end to escape 31-24. 

Do you know where bond prices will be on 1-1-2019?  Would love to know ....

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6 hours ago, Ergo Proxy said:

I just want to see a replay of the game...:ninja::ninja:

Seems like a good list, tho. Just from hearing the radio call and seeing some stats.

OL gets a great review. Especially with Andy going down...hope it’s not his muscle tear again.

So you just argued with me for three pages in another thread and you didn’t even watch the game?:lol:

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4 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Krazee should have been a Quinn guy long ago. Just has so much better instinct and foot speed than Suave'. Plays the cover three the way Quinn wants it played. Gotta tighten up on the watered down rules rules though. Might get a week off to study up.

Krazee - perfect nickname after this game.  Works a bunch of different ways:  'Krazee good',  Krazee 'why did you do that?', etc

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6 hours ago, athell said:

So I was out and did not get a chance to watch the full game, but was following on social and saw some film review online and from what I can tell...

Stock Up :







Stock Down :



Pass Rush



Does that sound about right to those who watched?  Duke does not look like an NFL player.  Kazee had an inexcusable (imo) penalty on Cam, especially considering how thin we already were at the position.  Hopefully there is no suspension.  From what I did see, the pass rush seemed pretty pathetic outside of Grady.  Vic...we need to put him on the side of a milk carton and McClain can go ahead and take a seat to make way for more Senat reps.

I would put tru as up. I was one of the more vocal  critics of his last year, more for his lack of physicality than anything. Had a great open field tackle on that last drive.

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10 minutes ago, DriveHomeSafelyAtlantaWins said:

I'd say Hardy's stock as a punt returned dropped a little bit.

He chose NOT to catch a punt at the 14, then he chose to field one at the 8 that he should've let go. Not to mention, he's not much of a threat to break a big return.


Even if he did, it would be called back. Armstrong needs to go

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2 hours ago, Vandy said:

Not until game almost over he didn’t. Riley stunk it up all game.

What do I mean? Riley stunk it up all last year and quinn’s Still trotting his *** out there, now at critical MLB role. All the while Foye outplayed him in preseason. 

Could be a rico situation where DQ likes his ability to direct the defense. That would be the only thing I could imagine. He took himself out of the first play and never did much better. I really don't think he's get plucked off our p.s. which is where he belongs. Put our ivy leaguers out there with devondre

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6 hours ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Ridley coming out party is a welcome surprise. Gabriel isn’t used on an inside slant in the RZ like CR’s TD catch. Great route. Great play. I can’t wait to see him have more explosive plays.

Also, you could add Marvin Hall to this list. Good STs and a solid explosive play for 30. If you get an impactful catch or two per game like that from Hall you've got your Robinson replacement. Hardy can still do his thing but that’s make us 5 deep at WR.

Sucks Gage is hurting but he’d be relegated to STs if active regardless. Could make us really deep at WR. More so than with Gabriel in 2016. By far better than 2017 with Roberts.

Ergo see mate quick developing routes in the red zone with Ryan being a timing QB he's money.This to me potentially is game changing for the offense and Ryan looks a lot more comfortable throwing them.

Ridley Slant 

Hooper which looked like a crosser or in and up and Ryan delivered money balls both times.

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4 hours ago, Jpg428gggg said:

As much as peoole love to rag on Beasley, they should look at how we do vs. mobile qb’s. Vic Beasley is a big reason we have success against them. His athletic ability helps keep them in the pocket. I agree he could play better but he is a key part of our defense.

I also saw him getting held alot (with no calls obviously) today....but we need him to at least announce his presence once in a while.

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