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Quinn is an idiot about Pre season, we will be 2-6 after 8 games


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19 hours ago, MAD597 said:

What an utter dumb***, thinking it was a great idea to let all the starters do jack squat in OTA's and Pre Season. NONE of our players are in game shape. That leads to dumb injuries and our team being gassed in the 3rd QTR and our offense to not gel.

It only took one game to have our best defensive players miss the rest of the year and show our offense did not work together enough to iron out the offensive issues from last year.

Team is done this year, Season is over, look at our schedule, we will easily be 2-6 after 8 games. Good luck digging out of that hole.

Next year Quinn needs to paly the dang starters, get them in game shape, if they get injured then at least you have time before the season starts to fill the needs.

Quinn is an idiot & a dumbazz according to you.  read my sig.  DQ deserves insults from who?  You?  What qualifies you to insult DQ?  What are your qualifications?  Or are you just a hot air blowhard on a message board??  

Why can't you just show a reserved sense of respect for a guy trying to do his job?  Maybe he'll change up the way he does things in preseason, maybe he won't.  But your delivery is not helping anything brother.

You give DQ no credence whatsoever & yet you expect us to give credence to your comments here I guess.

gerund or present participle: bloviating
  1. talk at length, especially in an inflated or empty way.
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