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Eating recommendations in ATL?

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It really depends on how far you want to go from the stadium, but my vote is for the food hall at Krog Street Market.  You can get a great variety of food and drink, including a respectable competitor to the Neapolitan pizza at Antico (which is always a solid choice) and a one-of-a-kind bar in Ticonderoga Club.  Also, there's a huge selection of brews at Hop City along with BBQ, bao (meat buns), sushi, sandwiches (great oyster po' boy at Fred's), and one of the best bakeries (Little Tart) in town.  That doesn't even include the sit-down places on site.  Parking is limited, but if you take the BeltLine, you'll also see one of the best walking paths known to mankind.

This is one place you absolutely must see.

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1 hour ago, B_Lo_Touchdowns said:

Depends on what type of food you like, but DO NOT GO TO RUTH CHRIS. You can get a better steak at Longhorn for half the price. If you just wanna spend money go to Chops before you go to Ruth Chris

Co-sign.  Ruth's Chris has fallen off a cliff, and there are a ton of better steakhouses downtown.

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13 hours ago, falcoatlantae said:

Check out The 38 Essential Atlanta Restaurants.  Don't pay attention to the order of appearance in the list.

Eater Atlanta has solid recommendations, especially when they break it down by brunch, late night, etc., but this particular list is more Greater Atlanta.  Thrillist is another great source.

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6 hours ago, abstract said:

Staplehouse is the best restaurant in Atlanta.  They are always booked a month in advance but you can walk in and get seat at the bar if they aren’t swamped. 

I came in to say Staplehouse. Ryan Hidinger was a really good guy, and I think it's awesome that his concept lives on. @shock if you only go to one place, this is the one you should go to. Especially for 'foodie' upscale.

The other place you should go - more casual - is Wrecking Bar. It's like foodie bar food with some of the best craft beer in the city.

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Bones or Fogo de Chao if you're a meat eater.

I'd normally say Hal's but I don't know what's going on with that place lately.  In the past 6 months two of my friends have been slipped the date rape drug on completely separate occasions.  One was lucky enough to have friends take him home but the other was not so lucky.  Woke up in his apartment the next afternoon (25 miles away) and was rolled.  Got his Rolex, phone, and keys, among other things.  

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4 minutes ago, US-41 Falcon said:


Chops $$$$, Atlas $$$$, American Cut $$$$, Southern Gentleman $$$, Le Bilboquet $$$, Taverna $$, Irby Tavern $$

Inman Park:

Char $$$, Bar Taco $$, Barcelona Wine Bar $$, Amara $$, Beetlecat $$

Virginia Highland:

Murphy's $$$, Atkins Park $$ (Favorite), Highland Tap $

bartaco is great, and all your V-Hi choices are solid.  Highland Tap has one legendary martini, and Atkins Park was the first bar to get a liquor license after Prohibition, if memory serves.

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Stats is a nice place after games.   Usually hopping there - and nearby.

I always try to go to Mary Macs Tea Room if we have the time.   The food is always great there and it's reasonable.   They have good fried green tomatoes there as well - if you've never had them - give them a try.

There's a little place called Woody's on Monroe where Virginia Ave forks - they have really good cheese steaks.     Small - been there a long time - but the food has always been really good.

The Varsity is a place most Atlanta natives take their visitors - just for the experience.

Colonnade Restaurant on Cheshire Bridge Rd has really good food - Southern style.

Staplehouse has good food - but if you want to go there - make a reservation in advance.   Pricey!

Nuevo Laredo Cantina on Chattahoochee has really good Mexican food.    We have run into some Falcons there as well.    

Just a few places.    

I have to say - one of my favorites is a fast food joint - Zesto's.   Multiple locations.    But the hot dog with chili and slaw is the bomb.



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