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Who is your biggest disappointment of the preseason?

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Fans who are so complacent and overconfident that our preseason performances mean nothing. We went 0-4 last year and we were way more competitive, but we still had problems even then. Barely escaping a mediocre Chicago team in week 1 at the goal line. Barely escaping the Lions in week 3 that would have been a loss had Brian Poole not touch Golden Tate. We lost to the Bills and Dolphins at home with a bye week in between which continued our AFC home losing skid and 9 out of the last 10 losses. We couldn't score crap in New England unlike the Panthers who put up 33 down there before Mike Shula (their OC) got fired, we beat the Jets by 5, and we lost to the Panthers in Carolina. We started 4-4, but could have easily been 1-7 or 2-6 based on how we started last season, and our 0-4 campaign last year was much better.


Based on how this preseason went, we lost all of our games by double digits, which means we don't have any depth past our 1st stringers. Sarkisian is still really bad because with our 2nd, 3rd, & 4th stringers our play calling was worse than any other NFL team around with their 2nd, 3rd, & 4th stringers. The Jets, Jaguars, and Dolphins games should be enough to let you know that Sarkisian hasn't improved a bit. The Chiefs defense was ranked 28th last season, so I need to wait until I see the Falcons the first few weeks into the regular season. The mentality and the intensity this preseason was very disappointing. 


The most important thing that worries me, our D-line has clearly taken a step back. With the losses of Dontari Poe and Adrian Clayborn, it looks like teams are going to run on us a lot easier than they did last season. The Jets and Jaguars ran all over us, and just because Ricardo Allen, Deion Jones, and Desmond Trufant were out doesn't mean our D-line shouldn't have been ran over like that with Leonard Fournette. Even though the score was 10-6 with our 1st stringers in before half, the Jaguars still out gained us by a wide margin with Blake Bortles having 2 turnovers. We may not be as good as we think. This preseason reminded me more of our 2013 preseason 0-4 campaign, while our 2017 preseason reminded me more of the 2011 one, and we happened to have a wacky 10-6 campaign in 2017 just like we did in 2011. 

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30 minutes ago, mqg96 said:



Based on how this preseason went, we lost all of our games by double digits, which means we don't have any depth past our 1st stringers. ..

That's not what that means at all.  This Falcon team returned 40 of the top players from last year, based on snap count. That's from a team that has won playoff games 2 years in a row. There was quality depth from last year, some nice mid level FAs like Fusco & McClain, and a good looking draft class. This team is loaded.

Quinn said during the preseason that only the bottom 6-7 places on the roster were up in the air. So, rather than risk starters and 2nd teamers getting hurt, he didn't play them much. He played the bottom of the roster players a lot to determine which 6-7 to keep and which 10 to put on the practice squad.

If you go NFL.com's recap of the preseason games, they have what they call a game book, it's a PDF with all the stats from the games. Go look at the snap counts from those games. You'll realize what I'm saying is true.

You seem to assume that the falcons second team went up against the opponents second team, third team against third team and so on. Just not so. 

4 snaps into the first game, there were 5 rookies on defense at the same time, with one starter. On offense, they had Fusco with the 3rd string Oline and and no skill position starters. He did that ish all throughout the preseason, except for the 2 quarters that he primarily had the first team in.

QB is prime example of what I'm talking about. The QBs that took most of the snaps were 3rd and 4th on the depth chart. Benkert and Grayson-they're both horrible QBs, but Quinn wasn't going to risk either of the Matts in preseason. So, the offense stalled for large parts of each game because of the QBs, but Quinn didn't care.

Quinn  made similar decisions on defense- putting Riley at MLB for example.

Over and over, Quinn has made decisions based on evaluating the roster  over scoring point/winning games. He's said he does that. He's said he doesn't game plan. He said he doesn't treat preseason games the same as regular season.

You're judging these as if they were regular season games, and Quinn treats them as an extension of practice.

Which is NOT to say this is a perfect team with no holes or no problems, just that claiming there's no depth on the team based on preseason ignores how DQ treats preseason.

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