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Khalil Mack on his way to the NFC (Bears) now official

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31 minutes ago, Kung Fu Kenny said:
Adam Schefter
Sources to ESPN: Raiders and Bears have an agreement in place to trade Khalil Mack to Chicago. Still working through it, but Raiders now planning to send Mack to Chicago.

Scefter?  No way! 

He is hack!

I broke that story here on our own message board!

Posted Thursday at 03:38 PM · Report post

Mac Will probably go to Chicago anyway.

That way he can sign a huge endorsement deal with McDonalds!

Big Mac!

And the rest of the D:

Two All Beef Patties

Special Sauce



Pickles Onions on a Sesame Seed Bun!

Seriously!  Thats like plagarism or something!

That said, Big Mac is a perfect fit for Chicago. They got a Young QB (Read Cheap) and can pay him the money he wants to get.  Not to mention the aforementioned endorsement deal.

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2 minutes ago, ya_boi_j said:

It’s official. Gruden is going to build the raiders up his way


That Aaron Donald deal must've scared Gruden and McKenzie away from Mack lol.


It is starting to look more like a rebuild(outside of Carr) with the Raiders instead of just adding to a potentially serious contender that may have just had a down year last season.


With the move to Vegas coming soon, The Raiders will need to be contenders.

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2 hours ago, stingbee said:

Just by adding one player like him is not going to win you championship. The price tag is too deep and not worth the investment. Only desperate teams and teams with big holes or lack of talent will do a trade like this. 

Truth. Folks yesterday suggesting we trade two 1’s + VB for Mack. Doing that would set this franchise back a decade or more.

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