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OFFICIAL Falcons vs Dolphins Preseason Game Thread

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1 hour ago, TheFatboi said:

I see you can only pull 2 games out your @ss but it’s ok lol. Like Nobidt ever gets beat. He picked brees off. Didn’t give up any TD’s either.  Probably the Play of the game. And it was all underneath stuff. Back shoulder. The hardest play in the world to defend and also the natural weakness of our cover 3 defense. Everybody got torched in the SB after the 3rd qtr.  He got cut because of the second PED offense. He gave up on himself. The dude has issues. But it wasn’t because he couldn’t play. Did he or did he not have a good second year? Yes or no? And all I’ve ever said About him is he had talent and he’d have a good second year. Again, wtf are we talking about a guy that’s no longer in the team? 

That you were wrong on him starting over Poole. Dude didn't play until Tru went down. Brees and Michael Thomas destroyed him. Brady admitted he targeted him. You were wrong on him but never want to admit it. I bring it up because I wanted to bet he'd start over Poole. You want to bet that Parker makes the team. Put two and two together here.

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