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Ryan and Sark

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11 hours ago, HighFlyingFalcon said:

We were at the game last night so we haven't watched the televised replay of the game.  I saw somewhere earlier today that said Matt Ryan and Sark were supposedly having words on the sideline last night.  Can't find anything about this.  I'm wondering if anyone else saw this or if whoever posted was wrong.  Just curious

Did I come after the call of the screen plays back to back? And they both were dropped?

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11 hours ago, ga12r1 said:

I was sitting row 2 right at the 50 behind the falcons bench. I dint see Matt having any “words” with Sark. I’m calling BS on that. Matt was pissed after the series with the Reggie Davis no catch, but it was more out of lack of execution/frustration. It wasn’t with Sark. 

That's what I was thinking.  We were a little farther down so if was hard to see all of the sideline but I thought that would be very out of character for Matt Ryan -more lilike something Jeff George would have done.

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