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What are we missing in your opinion

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On 8/20/2018 at 8:45 AM, JC Falcon said:

We are missing the long pass for TD. I Think ridley helps solve that.

We are missing strong rotation on the D Line. Hopefully Senat helps solve that.

Consistent pass rush from both sides, hopefully Takk and beadley back to end help solve that.

Better Guard play.  Schweitzer experience and Fusco FA hopefully someone emerges as better than last year.

Its almost like TD and Quinn were on the same page about team needs and played acquisitions.

Agree. Out of darkness and despair, TD the Alchemist mind melds with Quinn the D Whisperer to create a football dynasty in the ATL. Gotta love it. :slick:

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We found a few things last year.  

Sark was a rookie and inexperienced at calling NFL games against NFL schemes(personnel, formation, looks). He also didnt know how to best utilize his own personnel.  The answer to that is we bring in an experienced NFL play caller and gameplanner to assist.  Sark has a whole year of experience and 2 playoff games.  I cant put a statistical value on it but overall Offensive coordination will be much better, not that it was that bad last year. 

Trufant gave up 6 TDs last year.  Typically he is Top 10 in this category. PFF rated him still a top 15 CB in this league but we arent accustomed to seeing Trufant beat so much on big plays.  Now....a year removed from injury. Refocus to technique. I think Trufant will cut down the big plays.  I also dont see him giving up more than 2  TDs all year.  He knows he needs to excel to get back to his 2015 probowl status. 

LB Depth is a problem.  Debo or Vondre go down and we have marginal guys to undrafted free agents to fill the holes.  TD and DQ are smart so I expect a veteran to be signed after camp cuts.  They are also putting a lot of stock in Duke and Foye.  I think both can be serviceable backups but with growing pains.  

Bracket coverage over Julio,  Gabriel's size in the slot,  Sanu's lack of speed were all issues.  Julio was being bracketed but Gabriel couldnt help clear out seams or beat good press coverage, he also just wasnt very good at getting open on short routes even with his speed.  Sanu is a good complimentary guy but he doesnt stretch the field.  Ridley solves all of those problems. @ 6'1 he can make contested catches and his route running is already better than Turbo Taylor's was. He obviously has the deep speed to make plays so we win in all 3 aspects there now this year.  Also Marvin Hall is no slouch and will make plays if we have any injury issues at WR. Hardy will always be solid and consistent. Best hands on the team. Saubert also looks like he is a joker TE who will attack the seams and area under 2 man coverage or Cover 3 zones. 

DL lost Poe and Clayborn.  2 Vets who made big impacts that sometimes werent always seen.  Clayborn perfected his swim/rip move and applied pressure every game. PFF had him as a top 5 or 10 pressure guy in the NFL. That will be missed. Poe was a plug in the middle.  A big reason why run D improved.  McClain was very solid as a run stuffer for Dallas and has looked good this preseason. We all know that a healthy Takk is more than capable of replacing Clayborn.  Brooks Reed brings a element of pass rush to help offset Clayborn lost.  J. Crawford and D. Senat imo can replace Poe as both pass rusher and run stuffer. Senat has a nice lil hype train right now. Lets hope he can bring what he has in preaseason to reg season. 



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