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1 hour ago, Macknsweetjones said:

That Aaron brooks **** wasn’t serious how it is now 

I get what you're saying that is wasn't as tense but it was always a rivalry.

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6 hours ago, The Peregrine said:

Are you serious? Oh, late blooming fan?! What about the rivalry between Vick and his first cousin, Aaron Brooks. We owned them during that time. Or how about the team swaps of players; Hebert, Tolliver, IronHead, Joe Horn later. and there are a few more...Morton Anderson.

In all honesty the brooks vs Vick rivalry wasn't hatred. The rivalry was civil in that period compared to before and after those seasons, 

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On 8/13/2018 at 6:15 PM, LightningDawg58 said:

And by the refs apparently 

I know right? Y'all had a former Falcon on the officiating crew in our first game last year and y'all still only beat us by 3. Blank better stop being cheap and pay that man better or he'll start to swing games for us... :lol:

On 8/13/2018 at 6:20 PM, falcons007 said:

Or Louisiana’s own  Deion Jones.

Especially this year after he's neutralized by that leading with the helmet penalty. :bang:

23 hours ago, Falconsfan567 said:

Remember how glorious the 90s were when the Falcons beat the Saints 11 straight times?

Almost as glorious as my 7th birthday on January 31st, 1999...



But real talk, best rivalry in sports. I wouldn't be posting here if not. :tiphat:

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15 hours ago, kschreck said:

Yeah can't really say I was surprised when we couldn't pull out the Eagles game late.

Having what should have been a sure victory change to defeat within a matter of seconds, however, is one of if not the most devastating way to lose.  The fans reactions posted on youtube truly said it all.

Love those vids...the reactions to that last second TD are epic on all levels

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