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*****OFFICIAL Falcons vs Jets Preseason Game Thread*****

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Just now, falconfansince66 said:

Markakis up for the extra point! 

Darn right!!!! Look I want to see the Falcons win every game okay but as long as we have Steve sarkisian I will team is going to underperform preseason or season at least we have the Braves to make us happy but we don't know if the Falcons are going to prove us wrong I hope they do


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Just now, Wjcorner said:

Jets are airing that thang out, what you mean...they ain't throwing bombs but Teddy and Darnold have tossed some great medium routes

The Falcons are playing a zone giving up the middle of the field to every crossing pattern. Of course take advantage.

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Just now, RiseUpcollegepark said:

Of course you want to see your team perform well. 1) This is a evaluation game 2) Our starters are not playing. The biggest thing I would like to see out of this preseason is that we come out INJURY FREE. Would you be happy if Freeman ran for 30 yds & got two 1st down & 1 TD then sprain his ACL diving for a 1st down on 4th & 1? RELAXXXXX

What are evaluating??? Theres no production at all barring few players.  

Penalties, no pass rush, pathetic play calling, worst back up QB, cant get 1 yard?

Soft to the core....what are we evaluating?

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1 minute ago, Sun Tzu 7 said:


This reminds me too much of the 2nd half of the Dolphins & Bills game & 1st half of the Pats game.

Yeah it’s preseason but we saw this type of thing during the season last year.... 3 times.

Apples and oranges. Don’t be fooled by appearances. Majority of half played by young players and new players. No game plans. Individual player experience and first opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Its a fundamental misunderstanding to expect unit evaluation to be extrapolated from this game film.

Kindve like the young players somehow leaving wide open assignments on D in a simple scheme but can’t really blame skill position players so far due to how poorly we’ve played along the LOS; especially our OL.

30 rookies. First ever game. But let’s evaluate Sark??? Real answers come from real places not reaches that indicate lack of understanding.

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