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So you agree that the rule change is to give the appearance of doing something as a potential shield against future litigation, then?  That's what I said.

Absolutely. Our only disagreement is whether the league could get the players to agree not to sue when they already did. I think there was a scare in the league that OSHA might become involved in its business if they didn't change how they treated safety. I also think that the hundreds of thousands of moms who refuse to let their kids play football has something to do with it. Curiously, soccer ain't exactly safe (but that is neither here nor there; just sayin'). 

But the Congressional showboat was just a way to get the NFL to pump more loot into lobbying, not anything that was going to lead to governmental oversight. If Congress gave two ***** about head injuries, they'd have MMA and boxing federations in their cross hairs before they ever thought about regulating football.

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People keep saying Free has to change his running style. There is nothing wrong with his running style. He's still gonna hit holes, make cuts, be physical running through tackles and breaking ankles. It's how he finishes those runs , he will have to change, and that may shave a few yards off his runs. It will be a little adjustment, he can easily do it though.


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