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Official 2018 Yahoo Pick Em & Survival Leagues

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1 hour ago, GTBF54 said:

I'm in both and Firefox worked great to sign up with for me. Might want to update if you are having problems........... Thanks guys.....

Mine was up to date. I can assure you that because I had gone through about a week prior and done a completely fresh reinstall of firefox because I was having a few problems.

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On 8/4/2018 at 4:04 PM, SkerFalcon8710 said:

It is suggested you use chrome the get started l * word of advice from other board members*


Setting Current Value
Group ID#: 7779
Group Password MattRyan
Confidence Points No
Spread No
Tiebreakers Yes
Start Week 1
Drop Scores No, use all weeks
Deadline 5 minutes before each game
Playoffs Yes



I renewed last years league, please feel free to join! We have had ove 70 members the last 2 seasons weve done this! If you were part of this last season then you will have recieved a renewal email!

lets go!

Rise Up!!



*UPDATE* survival league is pending on yahoo activating the leagues 

Did u change password? I cant log in

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11 hours ago, papachaz said:

ok folks get your picks in!

Got my picks in!! This year I'll try to make sure to keep up with my Yahoo picks so they match up with the picks I keep track of on my computer. My survivor pick is the Lions. Yeah, I know I shouldn't after what they did to me 2 years ago but if they can't win a home MNF game against Sam Darnold then they've got some serious issues.

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14 hours ago, papachaz said:

how about all the people who picked NO in the survival game :lol::lol::lol:


offense looked good, but they apparently reverted back to the defense of a few years ago... :D

I'm another!!

Thought the Bucs had no chance on the road

Now I remember why I dislike the stains!!!

Hopefully I can pull it back as losing the first isn't a great start  (although on the plus side, I did win my matchup in the AMFB league, so one positive to take away I suppose).









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