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Nice piece on Ridley

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6 hours ago, Beef said:

Because the term is "arguably", and this came right after he said "A fresh of breath air".

"Argumentatively" is "someone who is prone to argue".  "Arguably" means the "subject is open to doubt".

I like Steve Smith, but the dude has either had too many concussions or he's just not smart enough to put together coherent sentences.  It's certainly not a big deal, but it's also not good to generate the stigma of low literacy either.  Just sayin.

Dude he is waaaayyyyyy better than Emmit Smith was. that dude sounded like he had a legit learning disability.

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3 hours ago, Jerz said:

Lol I hear what you saying but I tend to cut some people the slack when they are trying to speak on the spot in front of a camera. I’ve seen plenty of folks nut up in front of the camera so I understand the struggle.

Especially when it comes to talking about the falcons... I notice a lot of little hiccups here and there because some reporters literally make up or just regurgitate information due to not really knowing much about the team.

People don't understand that 99% of people can't forget that there is a camera pointed at them.

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7 hours ago, ratesforless said:

This. While also praying that my defensive line gets to Ryan quickly (see NFC Divisional Round, 2017) along with Hooper and the running backs having a bad day. Otherwise, the DC may have to update the resume afterwards...


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