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16 hours ago, octoslash said:

The sad truth is, when you're in the hospital ( in my case I had major intestinal surgery- went from 170lb to 152 in 4 days ) they follow procedures and checklists.  They follow the same schedules for almost every patient, taking blood, checking BP, urine, etc....and work in shifts just like people who run the Publix deli.  They don't even learn your name most of the time. 

It's a job to them; not that they don't care about you, but fact is, if your numbers are in the 'normal' range...why should they keep you any longer than the book says?  

That's why you can't just sue because your loved one dies later on.  Because by the book, the hospital did nothing wrong.  They admitted you, treated you, checked you, and released you.  Then you died.  Shame, but happens every day.

And, frankly, if they kept everyone bedridden a day or two longer than the book, just because the patient doesn't feel very well, every hospital in the world would be bigger than the Pentagon. 

This is fueled more by the crappy insurance system than the doctors not caring.

Hospital won’t get sued as the insurance companies tell them generally when to release a patient by what they will not pay. That’s why they ship newborn babies and moms home next day now instead of 3-5 days. My wife hemorrhaged badly and her and my son where home 2-3 days later and they told us insurance said that was the most days they would cover if she “checked the boxes” for release.

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